crossbreed foldable wheels


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crossbreed foldable wheels

Wheel size is the limiting constraint on the design of folding or portable bicycles and wheelchairs. Foldable wheels enable a bicycle or wheelchair to be stored and transported more easily than ever before.




folding bikes and folding wheelchairscrossbreed foldable wheels enable a full sized adult bicycle or wheelchair to be folded into a compact and convenient package for transportation and storage. With foldable wheels, a wheelchair can fit in the trunk of a Smart car, a storage cupboard at home, or an overhead locker on an airplane.








The crossbreed project is being developed in association with InnovationRCA, at the Royal College of Art, London. We are more than happy to hear from any parties interested in licensing the design of the crossbreed wheel or in collaborating with us in its commercialisation. For the first time, it will be possible to easily pack an entire manual wheelchair into bags small enough to take as hand luggage on commercial flights or for storage of spare chairs in the home.





Packed away in a suitable bag, these images demonstrate how wheelchairs can be packed into a much smaller and more convenient package.






new prototypes

Current prototypes of foldable wheelchair wheels are currently being fabricated in collaboration with Racing Fabrications Ltd. They will be ready for user testing and demonstration in January 2010!

If this projects interests you, or if you would like to get involved, please feel free to contact me on or feel free to leave any thoughts or suggestions on the crossbreed wheel comments page.





Early prototype testing on a mountain bike:



The first ever pre-test prototype, showing the crossbreed's unique folding motion.

early prototype





With thanks...


Design and product development n collaboration with the Royal College of Art and InnovationRCA.



User insights research conducted in collaboration
with the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Inclusive Design.


…and with many thanks for help and support from:

David Constantine – founder, Motivation.

Charles Moreland – former head of Leonard Cheshire.


Martin Sabry – Founder, aIDEAS.


Jacqui Jones – Executive Director, Mobility Choice.







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